October 1, 2018
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Groove 2 Musik Company 

Recently ATL Dance Source attended Groove 2 Musik's presentation of COLORS held at The Windmill Arts Center. COLORS was a 2-day dance production highlighting the talented dancers, choreographers and instructors that adequately make up the company. The key concept behind COLORS was thought up by one of the co-founders of Groove 2 Musik, Mr. Gary Beauford. The show's purpose was to uniquely explore the various meanings behind primary, secondary, and intermediate colors and how those colors can evolve to signify various meanings throughout our life. 

A few notable highlights of the evening included a brilliant piece by Lyrik London. The piece focused on the complex journey of dealing with depression and the ups and downs of anxiety. The silky yet restricted movements created by Lyrik allowed the audience to feel every emotion and experience that he was trying to convey. Between the dancers, music, and costumes, Lyrik undoubtedly produced a theatrical experience like no other that swept the audience away into a place of authenticity and vulnerability. We were absolutely blown away by Lyrik's brilliant illustration, and we look forward to seeing where his career is headed next. 

Another memorable highlight from the remarkable show was a lovely piece by Gary Beauford. Gary choreographed a piece to Kirk Franklin's popular hit "Brighter day", which definitely summed up the unforgettable evening. The uplifting piece was filled with fluid yet expressive movement that illustrated the meaningful lyrics effortlessly. It was refreshing to see a dance piece choreographed to an uplifting and inspirational song. 

All in all, we were not only entertained by Groove 2 Musik presentation of COLORS but pleasantly surprised by the level of remarkable talent. We genuinely appreciate the focused attention to detail and outstanding level of developed technique that the company is efficiently implementing within their teachings at the Studio. The extensive work and level of excellence within the company are paying off. We commend Keith Andre, Gary Beauford, Kristen Mychelle and D-Ray Colson on producing excellent work at Groove 2 Musik. We look forward to seeing what Groove 2 Musik has in store for the future. You have now set the bar high for dance training in Atlanta. 

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