Desmond Richardson, Co-Founder/Co-Artistic Director of Complexions Contemporary Ballet 

Desmond Richardson, Co-Founder/Co-Artistic Director of Complexions Contemporary Ballet, shares his thoughts on the expansion to Atlanta

Complexions Contemporary Ballet (Complexions) celebrates the kick off of the company's 21st season with the roll out of the first phase of theBEYOND 20 campaign, a strategic long term plan for the company’s growth on a national scale. As part of this plan, Complexions is proud to announce its expansion outside of its home in New York City with the opening of a new office in Atlanta to bring its unique form of multicultural inspired dance to broader audiences nationwide. In commemoration of its new presence in Atlanta, the company will be hosting one of its famous Complexions’ dance intensives at the Infinite Energy Forum from December 26-30. Following the intensive, there will be a full performance on December 30 at 7:30 PM in the Infinite Energy Theater (formerly the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center) as a part of the company’s 2015-2016 season. 

In anticipation of Complexions inaugural season in Atlanta,  we had the opportunity to interview the Co Founder/Co Artistic Director himself, Desmond Richardson. Desmond shares an in-depth perspective on the compnay's highly anticipated arrival to Atlanta. 


What made Atlanta a priority for expansion?

What made Atlanta a priority to expand for Complexions was the continued reference from many friends and family members asking us to consider Atlanta as a destination for Complexions and to envision this area as part of our growth and expansion, as we had been looking across the nation for a new physical home base.

Since the company has expanded to Atlanta, how will the company begin to make its mark in the entertainment hub?

Complexions will make its mark within the entertainment hub by continuing to tour nationally and internationally, collaborating with formidable arts organizations in Atlanta from the world of stage, film and television and exposing the world to the wealth of talent coming out of the southern region.

The company has been influential all over the world, what can the new season bring to the Atlanta area?

The new season for Complexions -Beyond20 brings to Atlanta our unique brand that is visceral in approach, sculptural in design and thought provoking, passionate dancing that we are hopeful will leave the audience wanting more.

The inaugural performance is only two weeks away, what can the metro Atlanta fans expect?

Metro Atlanta fans can expect the unexpected .

Come with a clear palate so that we can transport you into our world then you can share your experience with others who may not have encountered us just yet.

From an Atlanta view point, what can we expect from Complexions in the coming years?

With the help of the community within the coming years you will see the Complexions Academy come to fruition where dancers will learn our world renowned techniques and style. We also have plans to open a junior company to foster young talent that needs grooming before entering the main company. We will also establish educational programs and alliances with important universities in Atlanta that will help grow those dancers and assist them in achieving their academic goals as well their artistic ones.The ground is fertile and we at Complexions Contemporary Ballet are sowing the seeds now to be yet another arts organization Atlantans can embrace and call their own.

Courtesy of Complexions Contemporary ballet

On a program consisting of four premieres, Complexions continues to lead the way with its unprecedented approach to contemporary ballet. For its inaugural season in Atlanta, the company will premiere STRUM, a world premiere set to the famous songs of Metallica; BALLAD UNTO… a work about unrequited love set to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, and Partita #2 - ChaconneCRYIN’ TO CRY OUT an excerpt inspired by the legendary voice and lyrics of famed Jazz singer Jimmy Scott; and the debut of the company’s Icon Series, an annual new piece dedicated to the artists that continually inspire Complexions. This season, the company pays tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou in a new work, IMPRINT/MAYA featuring a solo performance by Complexions’ own Desmond Richardson. In addition to these new works the company will also include various pieces from the company's 20-year history. Detailed information on these works is below.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased via phone at (770) 626-2464 or online at

The Infinite Energy Theater is located at 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097. 

For information on Complexions’ dance intensives, please visit:




Food 4 Thought, Actress, Nevaina Rhodes & Founder of Beyond The Steps, Princess Mbanzue, December 6, 2015

Sometimes things seem unchangeable, then there's a glimpse of hope that shines through that changes your whole perspective. That's exactly what happened this past weekend at the Food 4 Thought event in Atlanta. The event was hosted by Princess Mbanzue of Beyond The Steps. Beyond The Steps is an artist development company whose mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire those in the entertainment industry. Food 4 Thought was a industry mixer geared to educate the entertainment business. The event was filled with amazing performances by dancers Tasha B. and Evari Pickett, Jungle Boogie Crew and much more. Plus an amazing Q&A and open forum led by industry professionals such as Jamaica Craft, Victor Jackson, Nevaina Rhodes and many more. 

As an artist, you deal with self doubt on a regular and when you mix in the criticism of the world, life can be quite overwhelming. At times you feel you need help or a sense of direction, but you have no outlets to turn to. Until now! Beyond the Steps has become that outlet for artist who are seeking direction in their career and need guidance on how to excel to the next level. Food 4 Thought was the first event held by Beyond the Steps and it was a huge success. Artist had the opportunity to ask questions during a Q & A and open forum, which provided them with fundamental advice on all types of subject matters in the entertainment business. We were absolutely blown away by the turn out. Let's just say, when you provide the necessary outlets for personal enrichment, people will eagerly attend. Thank you Princess for providing this opportunity to the community and giving people the resources they need to become the best artist they can be. All we can say is, the entertainment industry is looking up in the Atlanta community!

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